Features & Benefits


The separation of key functions precludes the requirement to design for excessive load transmission through the inflatable elastomeric material.


The two proven subsystems have high technological and commercial readiness and are widely used in other marine sectors.


Compliant & load shedding. Proven materials with high survivability and fatigue resistance. Principal materials do not corrode.


Easily assembled with no heavy lifts. Vulcanised marine tenders are readily available off the shelf in high volumes at a range of sizes. Tension Technology International’s established net manufacturing capacity can be upscaled or outsourced as required.


Structural design assessment has demonstrated that NetBuoy™ assembly is less than 1/3 of the cost of steel based equivalent prime mover. Transportation, installation, and operation costs are all reduced.


Lightweight yet strong. The foldable nature of the uninflated buoy means that the transport dimensions, along with mass due to material density, are significantly reduced compared to steel equivalents. Multiple deflated units can be readily transported from factory to quayside.


The NetBuoy™ system can be installed and recovered with smaller vessels. Individual net lines can be replaced and established repair services already exist for vulcanised fenders. Ease of recovery and replacement improves availability.


Hook-up and pull-down loads can be reduced by adjusting buoy pressure. Suitable for deployment with smaller vessels.


Range of commercially available off-the-shelf fender units (up to 6m diameter). Modularisation can be adopted for greater swept volumes. Larger volume buoys possible with re-tooling as demand grows.


The NetBuoy™ technology has been demonstrated to have high applicability to a wide range of WEC architectures, in addition to other marine technologies and sectors.

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